lørdag den 11. september 2010

Inspirational artist - Earthfire Studios

Earthfire studios is a wonderful steampunk jewelry shop on Etsy. I am very fascinated by steampunk, the fact that you can get something completely new and different out of old metal scraps and findings. That's why Earthfire studios is this weeks inspirational artist.

Silver Leaf Torch Soldered Vintage Watch Cuff
 Earthfire studios jewelry is all created with vintage gears and findings and all jewelry is shipped in recycled gift boxes. So if you want to take care of our invorement, earthfire and studios might be the place to look.

Original Steampunk Pilot Ring
 The shops designers are Corina St. Martin and Julie Turner. Not only do the girls make beautiful jewelry, but they also do artwork and combines these two crafts in a brilliant way.
Copper Phillips Head Earrings
My favourite piece from these girls, are these steampunk earrings. I love the simple and fun design.
Visit their Etsy shop here! And their blog here!

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