lørdag den 31. juli 2010

A Browse Through My Sketchbook

I just got a new sketchbook yesterday, and I've already filled out some of the pages, with ideas for new fantasy jewelry designs. I wanted to share some of these sketches with you.


A crescent moon design. I love moons, and I've already made other moon designs, but they've all lacked swirls, so this one is going to get lots and lots of swirls.

This reminds me, if of the story about how the moon came to be. There is an old story among the fairies, that the moon used to be a fairy princess. She fell in love with a human prince. But it is illegal for fairies to be seen by humans, thus she could not help herself, and one day revealed herself to him. But he was not a good hearted prince and did not want the fairy princess. Her heart broke, and to punish herself for her stupid mistake, she flew up on the sky, and only came out when the sun went down. There she glowed every night, to give guidance to everyone on earth. The fairy princess' father mourned his daughter and decided that little lights where to be put up on the sky every night, to keep his daughter company, and so it has been ever since.

I am also working on a series of pieces inspired by the 4 elements earth, fire, water and air. Here are some ideas for earth and water designs.

New ideas for old religious symbols. Here I have sketched out ideas for a cross and the hammer of Thor, from old Norse mythology.

So what do you think I should start working on first???

torsdag den 29. juli 2010

Welcome to my blog!!

I have been planning to do this, for a very long time, however I've never really gotten around to it. But from now on, I will try to blog about my life, but mostly about my jewelry making.

Please bare with my spelling, english is my secound language :-)

My jewelry adventure started about two years ago. I had just finished school and had to decide, what I wanted to do with my life. I was very inconsistent and tried out all sorts of things. First I studied business, but that was way to borrowing for me, I ended up sitting and drawing during all of my lectures. Then I decided I wanted to become a multimedia designer. I actually enjoyed this profession, but during my studies I also discovered jewelry making, and ended up spending all of my time on that, instead of studying. So I dropped out after a year and started teaching jewelry classes. This was heaven. I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to teach.
So now I am studying to become a school teacher in my native language, Danish, arts and crafts and history. I love spending time with the children, and I still have time to teach jewelry classes, it's the perfect combo.

So now you know what your in for. Hope to see lots of followers and comments :-)

// Camilla