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Top 5 - Favourit jewelry making books

I own an insane amount of jewelry making books. And then I thought, why not share my absolute favourite top 5, with you... I will start with number 5, and end with my all time favourite :-)

5. The Art of Polymer Clay Millefiori Techniques by Donna Kato

Techniques: Polymer clay bead making

The best polymer clay book ever written in my opinion. This is one thick book, and it goes through everything you need to know about polymer clay. Very well written instructions plus a pretty long introduction to the history behind polymer clay. A most have book for anyone making polymer clay.

4. Silver Threads by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen 

Techniques: Soldering - Filigree

This is actually the book that got me started making jewelry. I did it all backwards and started soldering, before I even knew what a head pin was. Jeanne's book really makes it easy to begin soldering, and starts with easy projects and end up with very detailed intermediate pieces. All pieces are filigree styled and simply just gorgeous. A great book for everyone intrested in learning how to solder.

3. Steampunk Style Jewelry by Jean Campbell

Techniques: Cold connections

This is a selection of the very best steampunk artist. Great fun projects are shown with pictures. But what is even better, is that all through the book are small chapters on the origin of steampunk. So not only do you learn how to make jewelry, but you also get some steampunk history. And to top it of, it's all done with great pictures and a nice layout.

2. Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly

Techniques: Letter and design stamping on metal sheet

Very clear pictured instructions and a wonderful fun and joyful layout. Not only do you get the book, but with it is a DVD, where Lisa shows the techniques in several videos. This is one of my most recent purchases and I couldn't be happier.

1.Enchanted Adornments by Cynthia Thornton

Techniques: Metal clay, polymer clay, wire wrapping, shrink plastic, mixed media and resin

This is my all time favourite jewelry making book. Cynthia has a story to all the pieces in the book, I wont reveal too much but I promise it's very magical and fairytale like. Plus the main character is a jewelry designer (Can it be more relatable??) Techniques are only written, but this book introduces you to a lot of different techniques,  and me being a technique junky, this is perfect. So this is jewelry making combined with a fairytale short story. And all the pieces are simply gorgeous. I see it as an introduction to a lot of different techniques, you will need more info on the techniques, but this is a great way of finding out what you want to try next. Best buy I ever made.

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  1. I know what you mean about insane amount of books, hihi. The same here. I have also got your no. 2 and 4 and I really like them.

  2. I'm going to check out Silver Threads next time I'm at the bookstore. Another great blog post!

  3. I've been looking at buying a couple of those books, thanks for the write up, I'm off to amazon!