søndag den 26. september 2010


We are doing a blog carnival on the always wonderful SATEAM. This means that we are all writing about the same topic, and this month the topic is; RECYCLING
Great theme for me as I do have some fun recycling projects to show you.

Soda can before

I had this idea, that I wanted recycle soda cans, and use them in my jewelry. The idea sprung from a friend who just can't live without her daily doses of coca cola, and as a fun present I wanted to make her coke earrings :-)

Cut out soda can earrings

So I cleaned out the cans and cut out circle discs, with my disc cutter. Afterwards I filed the edges so they wouldn't be sharp.

Finished earrings

Then I punched holes in the circles, and used little star rivets to cover the holes. I haven't gotten around to make any more, but the plan is to have some available in my shop soon, so keep an eye out.

Another recycling project is my steampunk pieces. I use old watch parts, buttons, nails and whatever fun thing I come across.

Christmas present for my Mum last year

Birthday present for my Mum

My mum love steampunk, so most of my steampunk pieces she ends up getting before they make the web shop, but I do make these as custom orders as well.

So that was a little bit about how I like to use recycling products in my jewelry making!

Follow the links to the blogs of this month's participating members to find out how recycled materials play into their work.

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Fantastic Camilla - I love your can earrings, what an original idea. Also love the presents for your mum - great twist to the normal steampunk pieces you see.

  2. Love your mother's Christmas present... Just did a painting for an Art Auction and riveted scales made out of coke cans to the fish.... hardest part was figuring out how to 'drill' neat holes in the canvess for the eyelets!

  3. I bet your friend loves the earrings, super idea. Your mum must be a happy lady aswell.

  4. Thanks everyone :-)

    Island girl: That is tricky, I just used my hole punch pliers, but the results are not perfect, you can see that on the back

  5. Very nice! I've done earrings with recycled pop cans... they are so interesting and you can make them as bright and crazy as you like, or toned down and simply pretty! And I have to say, you also do steampunk really well!

  6. Love your steampunk pieces Camilla. I've got a box of old watches that I love to play with. I like what you do with the gears, all I ever do is put them in resin. ;-)

  7. Thanks Cassie and Stacie...

    I haven't tried resin yet, but I do have a can somewhere that I should be trying out soon