torsdag den 2. september 2010

Inspirational Artist - Gypsy Moon

Shannon from Gypsy Moon Art Studios, is my featured inspirational artist. 

 Shannon creates beautiful fantasy jewelry, inspired by pirates, dragons, gypsies, and far off lands... 

Nereid. Vintage crystal and shell copper necklace

Why does Gypsy Moon inspire me? - Because she hasn't made one single piece I don't like, or would have changed anything about. I love the mysterious and wondrous mood her pieces put me in and I always drift off, in to my own daydreams watching her lovely pieces. On top of all this, she uses some of the same techniques and materials as I do, and therefore I admire the work and effort that goes into her pieces.

Anne Bonny's Trinkets. Octopus charm necklace

Shannon mainly work with wire wrapping and cold connections. I see some steampunk inspiration in her pieces, but her style is very unique. I love how she manages to tell a story in all her pieces, something I try to do myself.

My favourite piece! - Elf Arow
This piece "Elf Arow" is my favourite piece by Gypsy Moon. The colouring, the wrapping everything just seems to merge perfectly together. 

Freya. Sterling Silver Pentacle

Otherworldly Glow. Brass Eye Ring

 Two other pieces that I thought needed extra attention; her glass eye ring and pentacle pendant. It's nice to find a kindred spirit, and Shannon most be one, I'm certain. 

Her lovely creations deserves your attention, so please visit her at

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  1. I am so honored to be your featured artist! Thank you so much! I love your work, and think it is amazing that our styles are so similar! :)

  2. Oh my goodness...her work is so to visit her. xoxoxo Thanks for sharing.