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Inspiring Artist - Marianne Mathiasen

People often ask me, where I get my inspiration, and as other artist I get it from everything beautiful I see. It can be nature, a poem or a piece of beautiful fabric. But I also find great inspiration in fellow artist, not just other jewelry artist but also sculptures, painters and florists. So to honor all of those talented people, who inspires me, I've decided to write about them ever ones so often here on the blog, so that I can share the beauti with all of you.

(My beautiful mother)

My first inspirational article will be about the women who gave birth to me, my wonderful talented mother; Marianne Mathiasen. Perhaps better known as the creator of Nidlongdir and by her fairy name Ranunkel.
(My mother often use old children photos of me and my brother in her paintings, so if some characters look familiar, that is why. This picture of the fairy Ebbe, is based on my brother)

(Portrait of me, done by my mother in my early teens) 
My mother is a painter. I can't remember her not drawing either with pencils, water colour or now acrylic and oil paints.She made my childhood into one big fairytale, always telling me stories and encouraging me to go look for fairies and trolls in the woods. I have many fund memories of her and I painting together, and even now, we have joint workspaces, so that I can sit and create jewelry while she sits and paints.

 (Mum supports my jewelry making, and sometimes use the jewelry in her own art. The earrings and bracelet in this shopping guide are made by me)

She has a background as a skilled cartoon animator from The Danish School of Animation. And has taken several advanced classes at art colleges around the world. In my childhood she mostly drew paper dolls, and I have played with many of the pretty dolls.

(The latest painting by my mother. This is done almost completely digitally)
But now she spent all her creative energy at the universe of Nidlongdir, a world designed by my mother. I wont go into the whole story here, but encourage you to visit nidlongdir.com, and read the story yourself. It begins when my mother found two baby fairies inside an apple.

(The lost twins, Ebbe and Selene, that started all the stories of Nidlongdir. I have my own role in this story, but I wont tell you what it is - you have to read it yourself)

Go here to read the introduction to the story behind Nidlongdir; NIDLONGDIR INTRO

A little tribute to the worlds greatest mother :-)

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