fredag den 6. august 2010

Stone Pendants - See my collection

I love working on large stone pendants. It's always fun to make up a new wire wrap, to fit the stone.

I wanted to show you my collection of stones, that still needs some wrapping...

 These are fluorites and labradorites, my favourite stones at the moment.
The is my newest pendant. Wire wrapped on a round fluorite pendant. Next to it you can see the sketch I made before finishing the piece.

Mother Earth Circle Pendant

 Snow heart pendant

Another stone wire wrapping I just finished. This one did not have a sketch, it just came to be, straight out of my mind. Both pendants where listed in my etsyshop today.

The next stone wrapping project I am planning on, will be this flame design on a fluorite.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. The color of the stones are beautiful.I love the transparency of the stones which let light cross through them.They are beautifully designed to complete the dainty feminine look about them.