søndag den 17. oktober 2010

SATeam Wrist Candy Charm Bracelet Giveway

I am a member of the starving jewelry artist team on Etsy, and last year we had a very fun bracelet give away. And now it's here again. We all contributed with a small flower charm for the bracelet, and I think it turned out just amazing!! 

35 different shops are participating in the sale, so you should be able to find something you like!

How do I get this bracelet you aks?; The sale runs from 17 October to 28 November and each time you make a purchase from a participating SATeam members store your name will automatically be entered into the draw for a chance to win the flower charm bracelet and the draw will be on 30 November.

The bracelet is made with sterling silver!
Of cause I am one of the participating stores, so if you buy something from me (Even a tutorial) you will be in the draw! And just to top it of, I have lowered my prices in my shop and as always I am offering free worldwide shipping and giftbox..

Thought you might like to see which charms I contributed with... These are handmade polymer clay roses

For a complete list of those participating in the sale, please go to http://www.etsy.com/people/SATEAM

Also - follow SATeams blog for updates on the sale and giveaway at http://starvingartiststeam.blogspot.com/

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