torsdag den 18. november 2010

Christmas is Nearing

I always have a signature Christmas pendant in my stock for the holidays. And this year is no different. I get inspired by all the wonderful traditions Christmas holds.

Here's the last couple of years' holiday pendants

My first holiday pendant from 2 years ago, was this big red quarts, wire wrapped and adorned with pink tourmaline beads. I chose the pink to go a long with the red, so that it would fit the holiday theme, but also be wearable outside of the season. The inspiration for this, was the beautiful Christmas balls.

Christmas ball

Last year I made this more subtle pendant. I used a white cherry quarts, red garnets and a brown tourmaline. This one was inspired by the Danish holiday dish, "Æbleskiver". It's kinda like fritters, it's fried bread with jam and sugar. We eat a lot of it here in Denmark during the holidays. 

The Danish holiday snack; Æbleskiver - picture provided from; Carinas Craft blog

So this year I wanted to go all out on the Christmas theme, and make something in red and green. So I got this gorgeous moss agate bead pendant, and some lovely red garnets, green tourmalines + apatite and wrapped it all up in this;

The inspiration for this piece was the traditional Danish Christmas tree. Which almost always is dominated by red and green. Unfortunately this pendant will not be up for sale in my etsy store. But it is available on Shelter Flair a long with other of my designs.
Last years Christmas tree

I wish you all happy holidays!

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  1. I love this year's hloiday's stunning!...i also enjoyed seeing all the pieces you made from past holiday years. Wishing you the best this holiday season and thru out the year! ♥Sue

  2. How well are you inspired by the ordinary things around you.The red pendant is so food looking that I have to check it out to acquire one myself.Is it essential to have matched earrings?