tirsdag den 31. august 2010

FAETEAM - Beauty and the Beast

I curated this treasury, inspired by my favourite fairytale, Beauty and the Beast.

Inspiring Artist - Marianne Mathiasen

People often ask me, where I get my inspiration, and as other artist I get it from everything beautiful I see. It can be nature, a poem or a piece of beautiful fabric. But I also find great inspiration in fellow artist, not just other jewelry artist but also sculptures, painters and florists. So to honor all of those talented people, who inspires me, I've decided to write about them ever ones so often here on the blog, so that I can share the beauti with all of you.

(My beautiful mother)

My first inspirational article will be about the women who gave birth to me, my wonderful talented mother; Marianne Mathiasen. Perhaps better known as the creator of Nidlongdir and by her fairy name Ranunkel.
(My mother often use old children photos of me and my brother in her paintings, so if some characters look familiar, that is why. This picture of the fairy Ebbe, is based on my brother)

(Portrait of me, done by my mother in my early teens) 
My mother is a painter. I can't remember her not drawing either with pencils, water colour or now acrylic and oil paints.She made my childhood into one big fairytale, always telling me stories and encouraging me to go look for fairies and trolls in the woods. I have many fund memories of her and I painting together, and even now, we have joint workspaces, so that I can sit and create jewelry while she sits and paints.

 (Mum supports my jewelry making, and sometimes use the jewelry in her own art. The earrings and bracelet in this shopping guide are made by me)

She has a background as a skilled cartoon animator from The Danish School of Animation. And has taken several advanced classes at art colleges around the world. In my childhood she mostly drew paper dolls, and I have played with many of the pretty dolls.

(The latest painting by my mother. This is done almost completely digitally)
But now she spent all her creative energy at the universe of Nidlongdir, a world designed by my mother. I wont go into the whole story here, but encourage you to visit nidlongdir.com, and read the story yourself. It begins when my mother found two baby fairies inside an apple.

(The lost twins, Ebbe and Selene, that started all the stories of Nidlongdir. I have my own role in this story, but I wont tell you what it is - you have to read it yourself)

Go here to read the introduction to the story behind Nidlongdir; NIDLONGDIR INTRO

A little tribute to the worlds greatest mother :-)

FAETEAM - Rapunzel

I was in the mood for making a treasury last night, And decided to honour my talented team members from the "FAETEAM" on etsy. Disney will be launching their version of Rapunzel, and I felt inspired. 

Please visit and click and leave comments :-) Rapunzel; Let down your golden hair

If you want to know more about our faboluos FAETEAM, visit http://www.faeteam.com/

søndag den 29. august 2010

How I Like to Play With Texture

I just recently started working with texture, as I just started doing metal work. This means sawing, cutting and stamping metal jewelry.

Here's some examples of pieces where I did different textures

This piece was severely punished with different hammers, to give it a rough used metal look. I wanted it to look like a piece of old metal scram.

In these moons I used a star metal stamp to create the texture. From afar it just looks like normal ballpen hammer marks, but when you get close you see all the small stars.

In this piece I used a ballpen hammer and metal stamps. The stamps was used to create a border line around my letters.

Here's a great example of how different the same style of bracelet can be with and without texture added to the metal. On the first picture the links have been hammered, with a texture hammer. Second photo I left the links smooth.

Texture is fun to work with, and I've just started playing with all of the possibilities.

This article was part of the SATEAM blog carnival. We are given a certain topic, and we all write a blog post on the subject. This months was “How does texture play into your work?”

Please follow the links and read other team members posts on this topic

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onsdag den 25. august 2010

An Interview With a Vam... - No Me :-)

I am featured in this interview made by N Valentine Studio, on the Starving Artists Team blog.


I am a part of this team on etsy, if you do a tag search for SATEAM, wondrous things will happen.
Keep an eye out for the team, I will be anticipaiting in team events and sales...

søndag den 22. august 2010

Danagonia featured!

Just got a message this morning from "theothermagdalene"on Etsy. That I was featured in her gorgeous treasury.

So I wanted to share it with all of you.

See the treasury here, please do click and leave comments...

mandag den 16. august 2010

Eleven Arow

Newest member of the Danagonian jewelry family!


The elven hunters creates their arrows from fine cut amethyst. This gives the animal a peaceful and painless death. After they have eaten the animal, the elven saves the bones, and when the animal has been killed with an amethyst arrow, they have the ability to resurrect the animal, and bring it back to life.

I used pure oxidized copper and genuine natural amethyst beads. Pendant measures 5X2cm, chain measures 50cm, clasp is handmade. This will be an OOAK item, I don't think I can redo this one.

Available now: http://www.etsy.com/listing/53964721/elven-arrow-necklace

fredag den 6. august 2010

Stone Pendants - See my collection

I love working on large stone pendants. It's always fun to make up a new wire wrap, to fit the stone.

I wanted to show you my collection of stones, that still needs some wrapping...

 These are fluorites and labradorites, my favourite stones at the moment.
The is my newest pendant. Wire wrapped on a round fluorite pendant. Next to it you can see the sketch I made before finishing the piece.

Mother Earth Circle Pendant

 Snow heart pendant

Another stone wire wrapping I just finished. This one did not have a sketch, it just came to be, straight out of my mind. Both pendants where listed in my etsyshop today.

The next stone wrapping project I am planning on, will be this flame design on a fluorite.

Thanks for looking!

tirsdag den 3. august 2010

Watch My Sketchbook Come Alive

I have given life to another one of my sketches; "The Fairy Cross".

My inspiration: Fairies doesn't have religions like us humans, but they do carry certain symbols for protection and prosper. This is one of them, I can't write it's name with our alphabet, so I've decided to just call it "The fairy cross".

Handmade toggle and clasp.

A view from behind.
It's fairly big measuring 7X4cm. Made with copper and kyanite tear drops.

mandag den 2. august 2010

Crescent Moon

Newest pendant from me; Crescent Moon Necklace. 

You might recall something similar to this in my sketchbook, and this is where I got the inspiration. However as you may see, sketches sometimes vary a lot from the finished product. I had to simplify the design, because it would end up being a bit too big if I had to fit in all the swirls, but I think I will revisit the sketch again soon.

søndag den 1. august 2010

Featured in FAE Magazine

My "Fire Dragon Necklace" was featured in the Autumn 2010 edition of FAE - Faeries and enchantment. Visit the magazine here: http://www.faemagazine.com/

Dragons are not actually dangerous. They actually live very close to Iceland, on a small island. But the weather is too cold for them to light their dragon breath, so most people just think they are normal lizards. But don't bring them into your house, it might be warm enough for them to light their inner fire.

Buy the necklace here: