onsdag den 20. juli 2011

Going to the "Elf Fantasy Fair 2011"

WUHU!!! I'm so excited because me and my Mum, decided to go to the fantasy fair in the Netherlands. 
We'll just be attending for the fun of of it, and to see if we might like to try having a booth next year.
You can read more about the fair here!

But best part of it is, that this means new costumes!!! And we've decided to go as a steampunk/Goth fairies.
So instead of jewelry I've been making altered shoes for my costume.

I painted the shoes black with acrylic paint and added the purple laces. The insects where toys but I painted them with copper coloured acrylic paints and glued them on with my glue gun. However it seems they may fall of, so I think I'll need some stronger glue.

My Mum then designed mascot dolls we will put on the shoulders for our costumes.

And here's the great thing about the blog world. Lotus a great doll maker, saw the post and offered to make us the doll in return of some of my jewelry, and this was a great trade so I screamed YES!! as fast as I could...

Here's how far she's come. Doesn't it look cool?? Visit her blog here!!! 
So now I'll be working on the jewelry for Lotus. We've agreed upon a pendant consisting of moonstone and rose quarts, and a hair pin.

Have any of you been to the fair or perhaps a similar fair I'd love to hear about your experiences...

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  1. OOoooh Camilla, I'm glad I came to your blog to see the rest of this post. I think the dolls will be so cool with your Fantasy Fair outfits! Looking forward to progress pics. :)