mandag den 25. juli 2011

A Jewel for Lotus...

Remember I was doing a swap for two of Lotus' cool dolls???
Well I finished one of the jewelry pieces for her. 
She wanted a necklace with rose quartz and moonstone. 
I've always thought moonstones where very elven like, they look like something Arven from the Lord of the Rings would have worn.
So I decided to make the piece elven style, and here it is;

 Sure hope she will like it!!


4 kommentarer:

  1. O MY!!!!
    Wow! This is amazing! Camilla! It's fantastic!!!!

    Thank you!

    I should be finishing up the dolls this week.


  2. Glad you like it!! Can't wait to see the finished dolls...

  3. Camilla!
    Check it out: