søndag den 14. august 2011

Proud of myself...

I'm actually pretty proud of my newest piece. I wanted to use a briolet turned upside down, and I wanted the back of the piece, to be just as interesting as the front. With those two criteria for the design in mind, I created my newest design: Stormy Weather. 

 It took a lot of time to finish and get it just right, but I think it was worth it...

I will try to pay more attention to the back in my next pieces as well. I think it adds a nice finish.

I may turn this one into a tutorial. I'm testing it on JL, so if you want me to do it, please go VOTE!
I also put it up for sale in my Danish webshop, I'm currently not selling finished jewelry on any international sites, but I am working on a new artfire shop...

6 kommentarer:

  1. Hvor er den blevet super flot. Ja jeg er faktisk også begyndt at tænke mere på bagsiden, at den egentligt også kan bruges.

  2. Tak Alice :-) og ja, bagsiderne er en overset diciplin :-)

  3. Very beautiful...would make a super tutorial...love the blue with the copper.

  4. You did a realy great job on this, you ara still the Queen of wire wrapping.

  5. Dala: Thank you - and I'm planning on it ;-)

    Saraju: Then you most be my CrownPrincess ;-)

  6. I love this piece - beautiful. I am going to feature it in my WISH LIST MONDAY meme and link to your site.

    Bead Soup Mix