onsdag den 31. august 2011

10% discount for my friends on supplies from JustWire

Yesterday I wrote about  JustWires one day discount. 

Today I'm aloud to give you a private discount from the same store!!

As many of you might know, I always do my wire wrapping in pre-oxidized copper wire. 
I do this, because it saves time, money and it's better for the environment.
This wire I always buy from JustWire on Etsy. 
Because I mentioned his sale yesterday here on the blog, JustWire has decided to extend the 10% discount for all of my friends until til end of September. YAY!

All you have to do is use the code; FRIENDSOFCAMILLA when you make your purchase.

If you haven't tried oxidized wire before I suggest buying one of the "oxidized copper sampler" as pictured above, to get a nice selection of the different wire gauges.

A big thank you goes out to  JustWire for the offer.

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