mandag den 5. september 2011

Re- use old pieces...

Sometimes a piece just wont get sold. It just sits in the shop, collecting more and more dust. 
 If this happens I like to take a look at the piece again.

Perhaps it's just the pictures that need fixing.
I had this problem with my forest bracelet;

 Although the picture is clear enough, the bacground doesn't match the forest look. 
So I re-shot it.
Now it looks like this;

Sometimes a new picture isn't enough. I had made this moon set a year ago, and it never got a lot of views or much interest. So I decided to re-do the pieces.


It's a shame to waste something you've spend a lot of time on. 
Plus it's a great exercise for a creativity boost.

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  1. Although I do like the originals, I think your changes are perfect. Especially for the moon set. Love the addition of the stones!