onsdag den 21. september 2011

Elf Fantasy Fair - more pictures...

I have now returned from the most wonderful weekend in the Netherlands.
I met so many like minded people and had so much fun, I am diffidently going again.

I saw so many things that one blog post wont do it, so I'm just going to show you some of the amazing costumes today, and I'll be writing a bit about the shopping at the fair another day.

Not everyone was in costume, so if you don't like to dress up, it's still really fun to go and look at everyone else. But I really felt like I fitted in better when I wore my costumes.
Here's some of my favourites this year.

Family of vampires. Everyone was very friendly and didn't mind having their photo taken. 

The fair wasn't just for girls who likes fairies. 
There was a lot of staged fights and in general I think there was a lot to look at for the boys as well.

It was fun to see how really scary costumes like these, where mixed up with pretty Barbie like fairies.

Unicorn princess.

The fair was very family orientated as well. 
There where lots of children and many activities for them as well.
It was no problem getting around with a pram, so many people even brought infants.
Lots of people also came in wheelchairs and had no problems getting around.

It was a 7hour drive here from Denmark, but I think it was worth the long drive. 
The fair is really big, and we where really glad, we went both days, because we wouldn't have seen everything otherwise.

There was also a lot for science fiction fans. Here my Mum is petting a predator.

Starwars girls...

Lots of people brought their dogs as well. 
You can't see the dog, but this fairy is actually holding her little dog.

 I took a lot more pictures, you can see more HERE!

I changed my costume Sunday. I went as a sorceress and wore my dragon tooth I made from polymerclay.

I really recommend everyone to go. I never had so much fun before!
I think I will have a booth at some point. Not sure if it will be next year or the year after though.
See HERE when the next fair is!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Thank you so much for the picture (I'm the Unicorn Princess) and the nice blogpost!
    I'm also obsessed going to the EFF!
    Will you be also at the EFF in Haarzuilens?^^


  2. I really hope to go to the one in Haarzuilens. I might end up getting a booth and sell my jewelry, but haven't decided yet.
    Jumeria you looked amazing both as unicorn princess and as Asian princess, did you make the costumes yourself??
    If you want all the photos I took of you, send me an email at danagonia@hotmail.com.

  3. Hi Camilla

    You have made great photo's, love to see them,
    Now what a shame you didn't wear the sorceress dress the first day too, you look stunning in it.

    BTW it was nice meeting you and your mum, hope to see you again next year or the year after. (((hugz)))

  4. Hvor er det bare sjovt og fantastisk, at få lov til at se alle de flotte billeder. Det er jo helt vildt at se, hvordan der bliver gået op i de små detaljer på kostumerne:)

    Jeg har tildelt dig en award, som jeg håber, at du vil modtage :)
    Jeg har skrevet følgende om dig og din blog:
    Danagonia laver simpelthen de mest fantastiske og mest eventyrlige smykker. Kig forbi hende, og bliv fortabt i eventyrenes verden.

  5. Nej Ina!! Tusinde tak for blogawarden!! Den er jeg meget glad for...

  6. Unfortunately, your photos don't load for me for the elf fantasy fair. So very disappointing!