onsdag den 21. september 2011

Elf Fantasy Fair - more pictures...

I have now returned from the most wonderful weekend in the Netherlands.
I met so many like minded people and had so much fun, I am diffidently going again.

I saw so many things that one blog post wont do it, so I'm just going to show you some of the amazing costumes today, and I'll be writing a bit about the shopping at the fair another day.

Not everyone was in costume, so if you don't like to dress up, it's still really fun to go and look at everyone else. But I really felt like I fitted in better when I wore my costumes.
Here's some of my favourites this year.

Family of vampires. Everyone was very friendly and didn't mind having their photo taken. 

The fair wasn't just for girls who likes fairies. 
There was a lot of staged fights and in general I think there was a lot to look at for the boys as well.

It was fun to see how really scary costumes like these, where mixed up with pretty Barbie like fairies.

Unicorn princess.

The fair was very family orientated as well. 
There where lots of children and many activities for them as well.
It was no problem getting around with a pram, so many people even brought infants.
Lots of people also came in wheelchairs and had no problems getting around.

It was a 7hour drive here from Denmark, but I think it was worth the long drive. 
The fair is really big, and we where really glad, we went both days, because we wouldn't have seen everything otherwise.

There was also a lot for science fiction fans. Here my Mum is petting a predator.

Starwars girls...

Lots of people brought their dogs as well. 
You can't see the dog, but this fairy is actually holding her little dog.

 I took a lot more pictures, you can see more HERE!

I changed my costume Sunday. I went as a sorceress and wore my dragon tooth I made from polymerclay.

I really recommend everyone to go. I never had so much fun before!
I think I will have a booth at some point. Not sure if it will be next year or the year after though.
See HERE when the next fair is!

lørdag den 17. september 2011

Elf Fantasy Fair 2011

This weekend I'm attending the Elf Fantasy Fair in Arcen, Netherlands together with my Mum.
For those of you who doesn't know the fair; CLICK HERE! 
The fair is for fantasy enthusiast and features alot of great bands, fantasy booths, but best of all almost everyone attending is in costume. 
So today I have talked with fairies, vampires, trolls, beasts of all sorts, steampunkers, goths, queens, princess and many other characters.

Very cool vampire girl!

We arrived very late yesterday to a wonderful hotel.
This morning we had breakfast and spend a couple of hours on doing our make up and putting on our costumes.


Some of you might remeber that I did a swap with Lotus, for one of her dolls. 

CLICK HERE for the post about the dolls! 
The dolls where for our costumes. 
We put the dolls on our bags to make them look more fantasy styled.

Mum with Lotus' doll.

The hats I bought from this great store on etsy;  Miss Purdy's hats

Me in full figure...

Our dress' are bought HERE!


I've taken a ton of pictures and I'll share them with you later.
I think I'll do a post about costumes and one about what you could buy in the booths.
For now I'll go to bed so that I will be ready for yet another day in fantasy land tomorrow.

mandag den 12. september 2011

Poison Ivy - Batman Villain....

I've made a piece for a contest on our danish jewelry forum
The topic this month was superheroes / villains and I choose Poison Ivy from Batman.

She is obsessed with plants and all her crimes are related to the protection of such.
I think she's one of the coolest characters in batman.

So here's my Poison Ivy bracelet;

mandag den 5. september 2011

Re- use old pieces...

Sometimes a piece just wont get sold. It just sits in the shop, collecting more and more dust. 
 If this happens I like to take a look at the piece again.

Perhaps it's just the pictures that need fixing.
I had this problem with my forest bracelet;

 Although the picture is clear enough, the bacground doesn't match the forest look. 
So I re-shot it.
Now it looks like this;

Sometimes a new picture isn't enough. I had made this moon set a year ago, and it never got a lot of views or much interest. So I decided to re-do the pieces.


It's a shame to waste something you've spend a lot of time on. 
Plus it's a great exercise for a creativity boost.